Monday, April 21, 2014

THE SHARK SESSIONS | My Sunset Rendezvous

Finally the wait is over! The second edition of My Sunset Rendezvous, entitled THE SHARK SESSIONS, is now available for pre-release orders. It is a larger size than the first edition, to highlight the illustrations, and is scientifically brought up to date. Professor Samuel H. 'doc' Gruber wrote the Foreward, all of its major themes are updated, it includes more observations of shark behaviour, and even some new illustrations !

The book presents the story of my long-term ethological study of reef sharks in Tahiti, and the resulting findings, against the background of the uneasy society surrounding it. Intelligence in wild animals in general, and sharks in particular, is the major theme.

The illustrations were painted with a mix of water, ink and bleach, on soaked watercolour paper, writer-to-reader messages in images, to enhance the flow of language. 

It can be ordered prior to its release date of June 17th at :